Not Forgotten

Trumpet Flower 
One has been very neglectful of One's blog lately.
One has gone over to the other side (facebook) but One has not forgotten.
The fabric at the back is garter stitch with needle and thread weaving.  Makes it look like a sumptuous tweed fabric no?!


pigsmightfly said…
Clever clogs...of course I mean that in the nicest possible way :-)
Carolina said…
I love the title arrangement of photos. As well as the flowers of course.
Anny said…
Thank you for the little pattern. I try and make some this afternoon: it's very cold over here and there is snow. So I am going to sit next to the stove and knit...
dear pattern, very useful, many thanks.
Joke Lindevrouw said…
Gorgeous your Tea Cosies! i love them all! greetings from Holland from
Anonymous said…
I just finished a baby hat and I did a 2 stitch i-cord at the top and then increased to 6 stitches and did your little trumpet flower. It is just the perfect embelishment. (sp)Thank you for sharing that pattern. Helen
Thank you Ms Anonymous.
That sounds lovely
My goodness! I have just discovered your amazing work. What creativity and what a fresh take on humble knitting. Thank you so much for sharing your 'trumpet flower'. You have got my imagination going wild. I will be following from now on! Best wishes, Carol :)
janice15 said…
O my your tea cozy are amazing I just love them..Do you sell them I like to buy one just like this one..I crochet my problem is I can't read the directions very well..I crochet by eye...please let me know..ty Janice or Have a great day...

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