The Same but Different

 Now DON'T get excited!

No there is NOT another tea cosy book!

But there is a UK edition of How Tea Cosies Changed the World.

The BookPeople have published How Tea Cosies Changed the World under a different cover and title.

How about that.


One is pretty sure that Betty the Burlesque Dancer is pretty chuffed about it too.

One gets another little edition to add to One's collection of editions.


Nat Palaskas said…
Cool, cool! I was requested to knit another fungus tea cosy, hope I still remember how to do it. And a friend of mine is mentioning your here:
Hey, I'm into tea party this year so hope we can team up...!
kimbamel said…
Betty looks beautiful on the cover! She is one of my faves.
Carolina said…
You would think that in England of all places, tea cosies really DID change the world. The cover is lovely.
pigsmightfly said…
Wow how good is that!?! Noice one :o)
Els said…
Hi there Loani! Thanks for the pattern of the "trumpets", you've seen already how they worked out with my yarn, I really lóve them !
(You might be interested in another talented (Dutch) knitter, here : her monkey "Jacobus" is a fab pattern that starts from the top of the head and works all the way down .... but I'm not quite sure if there is an English version .....? I couldn't find an e-mail address so that's why I mention it here .... ;-) !!!)
LOVE the scarf with the woven "windows" is there a pattern somewhere ???
Good luck with your fab knitting !
Don Pezzano said…
I saw your autobiography- "How Tea Cozies changed my life".

Or was it "The tea cozies who love too much and the women that love them" ?
Muriel said…
love to visit you blog... beautiful teacosy, so original...and your knitting and colours are gorgeous..congratulations from brazil.
Line Katrin said…
That is sooo nice! I am soo happy for you. Big smile!

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