Tea Cosy Love In - Doonan October 2013

I dunno!  Really!  It is a lucky lucky girl that gets to knit and play and laugh with so many others that love to knit and play and laugh too.

And that lucky lucky girl is me. 

Here you are in action.

Pleased as punch.
Punch must have been very pleased indeed.

Helping each other

Hard at it.
It's a tough loife.

Loving our cosies.
Left to right

Shelley (from Sydney)
Elyse (from Sydney)

Gaylene (from Imbil, QLD)
Diane (from Cowra, NSW)

Hilary (from Leeds, England)
Heather (from Sydney)

Gay (from Yeppoon, QLD)
Liz (from Toowoomba, QLD)

Glenice (from Melbourne)
Deb (from Brisbane)


A fantastic group of ladies.
Brilliant coach.
Lots of fun.
Thanks everyone.
Holly said…
Looks like everyone had a lovely time
creations.1 said…
Such a happy group - just had to be a great day!!
Diane Ellis said…
It was a great two days, very well organised
I learnt many new techniques, met a group of lovely ladies
Lots of fun
Thank you Loani you very clever chick!
Sara Lechner said…
what a wonderfull group. I wish I was there!
Mdm Samm said…
have to say LADIES you rock my world with your tea cozies..all the way from Canada..wish i lived closer to you all xx

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