Well here it is.  A new book.  Tea hea hea.  Who'd a thunk hey!  Yep.  We've gone all pretty.
She'll be released in Australia on the 25 June - One's birthday - remember it now.  One does love a lot of attention on One's birthday. Oh alright, One loves a lot of attention any day, except when One doesn't. 

She'll be released in the UK and EU in August and in America? Well I don't know yet.

Feeling pretty chuffed with Oneself.


kimbamel said…
Oooh, can't wait! Beautiful cover.
Kaz said…
Mazal tov!!! Four...I'm envious!
Holly said…
I will patiently wait (USA) for your new book to join your others that I own (love).
Hi, I love your blog, is beauty, I love the colors, I love your crochet, visit my blog too,hugs from Brazil.
Elvis Lives said…
Congratulations, well done.
Can I please ask a favour? I am trying to make the owl tea cosy from the pattern on your site, but I'm completely lost on where to start the body. The eyes are made, but I simply don't know where on the first body stitches to start, and wher to do the DC etc. any ideas?
Thanks in anticipation.
Chrisy said…
Congrats lovely lady on another book! You've come so far so in awe. I see that cover says 'tea cosies and other beautiful knitted things' looking forward to seeing the 'other'!
angel girl said…
Woohoo. Are there heaps of crochet patterns included? Perhaps even tunisian crochet tea cozies? 😊
Pamela Williams said…
Love your humour wit and of course Cosies, have your book How Tea Cosies Changed the World but as yet have not had the courage to go with the knit in the round. Practising so will get there. Loani Prior you have4 a wonderful imagination.

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