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I am now an Old Married Woman and The Bloke has become The Husband, though he will always be The Bloke to me.

Here we are with our sons, my son Ben and Julian's son Dan with fiance Ash and baby Marlo.

I love this photo.

We tied the knot just over a week ago on Saturday 2 May in fine weather at our home on the Sunshine Coast.
And here are my clever, funny, generous and beautiful flower girls, Grace and Joy, making sure we do all the formal legal stuff correctly.

Yes all the flowers are knitted (by moi) as are the girls boleros.  They chose their own fabric print which their Aunty Em made up for them.

It was a big adventure leading into and out the other side, with fifty guests coming from everywhere, staying for days and celebrating with a lot of love and joi de vivre.

Its my first time.  Took The Bloke/Husband 13 years to propose.  He said he had to mullet over but that as One was, after all, more purl than plain, he'd better show some guts and "snapper up".